Everything You Haven’t Know Yet About The 7 Piece Drum Kit

A 7 piece drum kit is an essential piece of equipment for any aspiring drummer. 

It provides a wide range of sounds and options, allowing the user to create unique rhythms and beats. Furthermore, a 7 piece drum kit can be used in a variety of settings such as live performances or studio recordings. 

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at several particular 7 piece drum kits and evaluate their features so that you can decide if there is the right purchase for your needs.

7 Piece Drum Kit Comparison 2024

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7 Piece Drum Kit Reviews 2024

Best For Tonal Woods – DRUMCRAFT Series 7 DC807052 Drum Set

The DRUMCRAFT Series 7 DC807052 Drum Set is a truly unique percussion instrument. It is skillfully crafted from high-grade materials to create an attractive and durable set. Each individual piece of the kit is designed with versatility and quality in mind, offering musicians an array of tones and sounds to explore. 

The set features a 7-piece configuration that includes high-end Sonor USA birch shells, an 8-ply kick drum, and snare drums with a 10-ply walnut/maple hybrid. The kit is also equipped with innovative Drumcraft hardware, including the Prolite II bass pedal and ClearSonic IsoPac C acoustic isolation booth to help reduce bleed and noise when recording. The kit also comes with additional accessories, such as a durable carrying case, Throne Express drum throne, and protective cover to help keep the set in pristine condition during transportation or storage. 


– High-quality maple shells with reinforced hoops for enhanced durability 

– Includes double-braced hardware and a complete set of cymbals 

– Accurate tuning with superior sustain provided by the die-cast hoops 

– Superb tonal balance between drums and cymbals across all dynamic levels  


– More expensive than some other drum sets on the market

Best For Dynamic Response – KESHUO Upgraded Electronic Drum Kit

The KESHUO Upgraded Electronic Drum Kit is a great choice for any aspiring musician or professional drummer looking for a high-quality and affordable electronic 7 piece drum kit. The kit includes seven pads, two cymbals, one kick pedal, and one hi-hat pedal that all feature advanced touch sensor technology to ensure accurate triggering. The sound module has a range of sounds from basic to professional level, with over 100 drum kits and 500 percussion voices, allowing users to create their unique sound. 

With its high-quality components, versatile sound options, and easy setup, this 7 piece drum kit will help take your music production skills to the next level. The kit also includes an integrated metronome for accurate tempos and timekeeping and MIDI input and output for connecting to other digital devices. Additionally, this electronic drum set is extremely easy to set up and operate, making it great for beginners and veterans alike.


– 7.5-inch drum pads for a realistic feel and response

– Improved bass drum pedal design for better feel and control 

– Built-in speaker for play anywhere convenience 

– Hi-hat controller pedal for more expression control  


– Fewer preset sounds than other electronic kits on the market

Best For Resonance – ZENGXUE Beginners 7 Piece Drum Kit

The ZENGXUE Beginners 7 Piece Drum Kit is ideal for those just starting out on the drums. This budget-friendly kit includes all the components needed to complete your drumming experiences, such as a snare, bass drum, floor tom, and hi-hats. The hardware is both durable and adjustable, allowing for a customized playing experience. 

The kit also comes with two cymbals and a throne, making it ideal for any beginner drummer. With its range of accessories and features, the ZENGXUE Beginners 7 Piece Drum Kit provides great value for money and is a perfect choice for those just starting their drumming journey.


– High-quality materials make it durable and long-lasting 

– Includes a full set of drum accessories such as cymbals, drumsticks and pedals 

– Lightweight design makes it easy to transport 

– Adjustable throne height provides added comfort when playing 

– Easy to assemble, making setup quick and simple  


– May require extra parts for more advanced players  

Best For Aspiring Musician – KESHUO 7 Piece Full Size Adult Drum Set

The KESHUO 7 Piece Full Size Adult Drum Set is a great option for veteran drummers looking to upgrade their equipment or for musicians just starting. This kit will allow drummers to create loud and dynamic performances with its full-sized setup of drums, cymbals, and hardware. The set includes a bass drum, mounted toms, a floor tom, hi-hat cymbals, crash/ride cymbals, and hardware. All of the drums feature strong steel hoops with triple-flanged countertops for extra stability. 

The bass drum also comes with adjustable spurs for added stability while playing. The cymbals, meanwhile, are made from durable brass alloy, and their balanced tone will provide a great sound for any performance. The set also includes all the necessary hardware to mount each drum and adjust the height of the stands as needed. With its sturdy construction, durable cymbals, and complete hardware package, this 7 piece drum kit is sure to provide years of reliable performance. 


– Rich, full sound from 7 drums and cymbals

– Fully adjustable for optimal playing position

– All necessary hardware included 

– Easy to assemble and disassemble 


– Not suitable for very small spaces 

Best For Teaching – Carlsbro CSD25M Electronic Drum Set

The Carlsbro CSD25M Electronic Drum Set is a great choice for any drummer looking to upgrade their drum setup. This electronic drum set offers a high-quality sound and realistic feel, with 25 touch response pads that provide an incredibly accurate playing experience. The built-in sequencer allows users to create and edit songs while they practice easily, and the large selection of drum kits enables players to customize their sound to fit any style of music. 

The Carlsbro CSD25M Electronic Drum Set is a great choice for the beginner or advanced drummers, offering an impressive range of features and reliable performance. The USB port also allows easy integration with computers and other digital devices. With its high-quality construction and excellent sound, this drum set is sure to provide countless hours of jamming pleasure.


– High-quality sounds, including acoustic drums and percussion 

– Variety of voices to choose from for different styles of playing 

– Easy assembly and storage options due to its all-in-one design 

– Dual-zone drum pads with an adjustable triggering threshold for greater accuracy 


– Require tuning regularly for optimal sound

KESHUO Aluminum Frame Portable Drum Kit

The KESHUO Aluminum Frame Portable Drum Kit is an innovative piece of musical equipment designed for both seasoned and beginner percussionists alike. With its lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame, the kit can be quickly set up and taken down for maximum portability, making it perfect for gigging and travelling musicians. 

The KESHUO Aluminum Frame Portable Drum Kit is perfect for those looking for a reliable, portable kit that can produce great quality sound. The drum itself features drums with adjustable height settings and padded drum thrones. Additionally, the kit includes a foot pedal, cymbals, plus tuning keys for each drum giving you complete control over your sound. 


– Easy to assemble and disassemble

– Portable design for easy storage and transport

– Comes with two drumsticks and a tension rod 

– Heavy-duty aluminium frame is durable and sturdy 

– Foot pedal-operated hi-hat cymbal sounds realistic 


– Plastic shells are not as durable as metal ones

Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drum Kit

The Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drum Kit is an excellent choice for those seeking to make an investment in a quality drum kit. The full-size shells are constructed out of 7-ply poplar, providing a level of strength and resonance that can stand up to hours of playing. The kick drum offers plenty of low-end punch, while the snare provides a sharp, crisp attack. The toms also offer plenty of dynamic range and clarity. 

The Pacific Drums Center Stage Complete Drum Kit is great for beginners and pros alike. With a full hardware pack that includes a Hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal and more, you’ll have all you need to create your unique setup immediately. In addition, its classic configuration means you can use it for pretty much any style of music.


– Premium quality materials for superior performance

– Great sound with a complete set of components 

– Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport 

– Perfect size for small stages and practice spaces 


– Not suitable for professional touring bands due to its smaller size

PDP By DW Center Stage Complete Drum Kit

The PDP By DW Center Stage Complete Drum Kit is great for beginners and experienced drummers alike. The finishes are bold and eye-catching, with the black powder coat over maple shells providing a rich classic look that will turn heads wherever you play. With a full-sized bass drum, tom, floor tom, and snare, plus all the hardware and cymbals to get you playing immediately, this drum kit is an excellent value. 

This PDP By DW Center Stage Complete Drum Kit is excellent for anyone looking for a professional-level drum kit at an affordable price. The sturdy double-braced hardware ensures stability for all the adjustments for your setup. With its toms featuring True Pitch tension rods and Remo USA-made heads, you will surely get the sound you desire. The whole kit also comes with free cymbals and a throne so you have everything you need to start playing right away.


– Ideal for intermediate and advanced drummers

– Features a complete electronic drum kit with four cymbals, a kick pedal, a hi-hat stand and more

– Variety of kits and sounds to choose from 

– USB connectivity makes recording easy and accessible


– Not suitable for experienced players due to the limited range of sounds 

TAMA Rhythm Mate Drum Set

The TAMA Rhythm Mate Drum Set is an ideal choice for any drummer looking for a high-quality, professional drumming experience. Its bass and tom drums are constructed from premium birch with a 6-ply shell that provides reliable and balanced tones, while the snare is made from select maple with a 6-ply shell that has been created to deliver optimal attack and projection. The set features full-sized lugs and hoops and perfectly balances quality sound and playability. 

With its chrome hardware and tension rods, this set provides consistent tuning without any problems. The kit also includes TAMA’s exclusive Quick-Set Cymbal Mate system, allowing for easy cymbal setup and removal. All of this combined makes the TAMA Rhythm Mate Drum Set an excellent choice for any drummer looking to take their drumming experience to the next level.


– Beautifully designed and engineered drum set with an amazing sound quality 

– Variety of voices to choose from as well as built-in effects 

– Compact size makes it easy to transport or store at home  

– Affordable price tag for a high-performing product 


– Limited number of adjustable settings, making customization difficult 

Behringer XD80USB Electronic Drum Set

The Behringer XD80USB Electronic Drum Set is an outstanding set for both beginners and professionals alike. It is especially well-suited for those looking for a realistic drumming experience. The eight-piece set features four pads, a three-zone snare, two cymbals, and a hi-hat controller. There are also dual-zone pads for extra realistic playability. The entire setup is powered by a USB connection, making this kit extremely user-friendly. 

The XD80USB comes with 15 built-in drum kits that range from acoustic to electronic and Latin-style sounds. It includes a pair of stereo outputs plus a headphone output to help you practise in private. The included drum module is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to customise each sound with effects like reverb and compression. Plus, it includes a USB/MIDI port to connect to a computer and record your songs. 


– Powerful and versatile drum set with eight velocity-sensitive pads 

– High-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use

– Includes a wide range of accessories like percussion control pedals and sticks, sustain pedals etc. 

– Easy to connect directly to any computer or laptop via a USB cable 


– A limited range of voices available

Carlsbro CSD100BP1 Electric Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD100BP1 Electric Drum Kit is a great choice for drummers of all skill levels. The kit includes seven quality drum pads that allow for realistic playing action and accurate response. The kit also features two cymbals, a hi-hat, and two-foot pedals to give you all the control you need over your beats. The onboard sound module includes over a hundred percussion sounds, twenty pre-programmed rhythms and ten demos to help you practise or perfect your technique. 

With its great combination of features, the Carlsbro CSD100BP1 Electric Drum Kit is a great choice for those looking to take their drumming skills to the next level. It’s reliable, easy to use and offers realistic playing action, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced players. The kit also comes with an adjustable drum throne, headphones, and all the necessary cables.


– Compact and space-saving design 

– Easy to set up and use 

– Quality sounds with 10 presets 

– Reverb effect for a rich soundscape  


– Single zone setup not ideal for complex performances 

Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit

The Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit is an advanced and affordable option for serious drummers, offering plenty of features at a fraction of the cost of a professional kit. With its 100 pre-programmed drum samples, you can craft your own unique sound and make sure your performance stands out from the crowd. This electric drum set also features 10 different volume levels, allowing you to adjust it according to your playing style. 

Additionally, the kit comes with two-foot pedals for playing a variety of sounds such as bass drum and cymbal without ever having to touch the actual drums themselves. The set is easy to assemble and requires no additional tools or hardware. Overall, the Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit is an excellent choice for novice to intermediate drummers who are looking for a versatile and affordable way to practise or perform.


– Quiet and space efficient due to its digital design

– Easy to set up and move around with foldable legs 

– Offers a range of sounds that can be adjusted to your needs 

– Midi output for recording or sequencing  


– Limited features compared to more expensive models 

– A not-as-wide variety of sound options as analogue sets offer

RockJam RJ105-MR Complete Junior Drum Set

The RockJam RJ105-MR Complete Junior Drum Set is an excellent choice for young aspiring musicians. It comes with a 5 piece setup – bass drum, snare drum, tom-tom, floor tom, and cymbal – that is designed to provide quality sound and performance. The steel frame construction is adjustable so children of different heights can easily use it. The kit also includes a foot pedal, hi-hats, and drumsticks to help you get started. 

The RockJam RJ105-MR Complete Junior Drum Set is an excellent choice for young musicians looking to start their drumming journey. Additionally, the kit’s low-noise design ensures that parents don’t have to worry about being disturbed. Finally, the junior size makes this kit perfect for beginners since it requires less space to store and set up.


– Safe and durable construction 

– All necessary pieces included in the package 

– Adjustable drum throne for added comfort 

– Cymbals have a great sound quality  


– The bass drum pedal needs more power to produce a better sound

Alesis Drums Debut Kit

The Alesis Drums Debut Kit is an amazing beginner drum set with great value and excellent performance. This five-piece kit comes with everything you need to start playing, such as a snare, rack toms, floor tom, cymbals and kick pedal. It has quality construction, solid drum shells covered in a high-gloss black finish, and chrome hardware. The sound quality is excellent, with great sensitivity that allows you to play with subtle nuances. 

With its solid construction and great sound, this drum kit is perfect for beginner and intermediate players looking for an affordable and complete setup. The mesh heads provide a realistic feel, while the pre-assembled mounts make it easy to set up quickly and get playing right away. The Alesis Drums Debut Kit is a great choice for anyone looking to start learning drums. It has everything you need to get started and offers exceptional sound quality and reliable performance.


– Affordable and entry-level drum kit perfect for beginner to intermediate drummers

– Compact size allows it to fit in confined spaces 

– Ruggedly built with durable hardware components 


– Limited sound options available

Bontempi 51 4830 Metallic Silver Drum Set

The Bontempi 51 4830 Metallic Silver Drum Set is an impressive collection of hardware and percussion instruments that will bring any rhythm section to life. With its heavy-duty construction, solid chrome accents and numerous features, this set will surely be the perfect accompaniment to your music. The professional-grade drum shell material has been carefully selected to ensure that the sound will be consistent and powerful. The range of sizes available also makes it easy to customise your setup for any style or genre of music. 

The cymbals, hardware and stands are all top-of-the-line quality and guarantee a smooth and comfortable playing experience. Additionally, the adjustable stand allows you to tailor the playing experience to suit your individual needs. The metallic silver finish looks great with any decor, giving your drum set a classic and stylish look. For those looking for an excellent quality drum set that will provide reliable performance for years to come, the Bontempi 51 4830 Metallic Silver Drum Set is an ideal choice.


– High-quality sound production from the premium metallic silver finish

– Fully adjustable hardware for custom fit and comfort 


– Slightly pricier than some other starter kits on the market 

7 Piece Drum Kit Benefits

A 7 piece drum kit is an excellent investment for any aspiring drummer. It offers greater flexibility than a 5 or 6-piece kit, provides more tonal variety, and can be used in more diverse musical situations. The additional drums and cymbals provide a wider range of sounds, allowing the performer to explore different genres of music.

7 piece drum kit

With its versatility and expanded range of sounds, a 7 piece drum kit is an ideal choice for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Its flexibility allows it to suit various musical styles while providing a great-sounding drum kit. Additionally, the larger drum sizes allow for a more balanced and even sound when playing, which can benefit any drummer’s overall performance.

Factors To Consider When Choosing 7 Piece Drum Kit

The 7 piece drum kit is a great choice for anyone looking to take their drumming to the next level. It offers a wide range of sounds and tones that can be used in any style of music. In this article, we’ll explore tips on choosing the perfect 7 piece drum kit for you.

7 piece drum kit

Consider Your Budget And Needs

When choosing a 7-piece drum kit, you must consider your budget and needs. If you’re starting, you may want to look for a more affordable option that doesn’t require too much investment. Besides, if you already have some drumming experience, you can spend more on a higher-end kit with more features.

Choose The Right Drum Sizes

Think about the type of music you’ll be playing and the sound you want to achieve when selecting your drums. The size of each drum in your kit is important for getting the best sound. Generally, larger drums produce deeper sounds, while smaller drums create brighter tones.

7 piece drum kit

Look At Different Drum Materials

Drum shells are available in various materials, such as maple, birch, mahogany, and more. Consider the tone you’re looking for and choose accordingly. Maple is known for its warm tone, while birch has a bright sound. Mahogany provides a darker but still vibrant sound.

Examine Different Drum Heads

You should also consider the type of drumhead you want on each drum in your kit. There are two main types: single-ply heads, which provide a more open sound, and double-ply heads, which are better for dampening sound.

7 piece drum kit

Try Out Different Kits

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, try out a few different kits to get an idea of what they can do. Test out the drums in person or ask an expert to evaluate the quality of each kit. The testing will help you make an informed decision and get the best 7-piece drum kit for your needs.

FAQs About 7 Piece Drum Kit

What is a 7 piece drum kit? 

A seven-piece drum kit is an ideal setup for intermediate to advanced drummers, as it includes all the essential drums and cymbals you need to play in any style of music. This type of kit typically comes with four tom drums (mounted or floor), a kick drum, snare and hi-hat cymbal, along with crash and ride cymbals if needed. With this setup, you have endless possibilities for exploring different grooves and rhythms while having enough sounds to work within any genre of music.

7 piece drum kit

How does the size of my bass drum affect the sound? 

The larger your bass drum size is, the deeper and more resonant its sound will be; smaller sizes tend to offer less punchy tones but are often favoured by jazz players due to their versatility in playing multiple musical styles. Additionally, changing out your batter head can drastically alter the tone that comes from your bass drum—so experiment until you find what works best for you!

What types of heads should I use on my tom drums? 

Generally speaking, there are two categories when it comes to tom drum heads: single-ply and double-ply. Single-ply heads are thinner, lighter and offer more resonance while double-ply heads provide more attack, durability and articulation. Depending on the style of music you’re playing, either type can work; so it really comes down to personal preference.

7 piece drum kit

What types of cymbals should I include in my 7 piece drum kit? 

At least two hi-hat cymbals are essential for any drum setup, as they help keep the beat and provide a range of sound effects. Crash and ride cymbals offer additional sonic possibilities, but you may consider keeping your setup simple and go with one of each. 

How do I set up my 7 piece drum kit for optimal performance? 

With any drum setup, it’s important to ensure that your drums and cymbals are properly placed concerning each other—both for the sake of acoustics and ergonomics. Many drummers will swear by a specific setup, but there’s no wrong way to do it. Experiment until you find the one that fits you and the sound of your kit the most.


With the right 7 piece drum kit, you can easily create a wide range of sounds and styles to bring your music alive. Whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience playing the drums, we recommend this KESHUO Upgraded Electronic Drum Kit.

Investing in a quality 7 piece drum set is sure to be worth every penny! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make music today with a 7 piece drum kit!

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