When is the festival? The festival is always held on the second full weekend in July, so for 2020 it will be 11th and 12th July, 2021 it will be 10th and 11th July, etc.

Can I bring my dog? Well-behaved dogs on short leads are welcome. No expanding (inertia reel) leads please. Please clean up after your dog. There are a few water points for dogs, but we suggest you bring your own bowl. No other livestock can be brought to the festival.

What do I do if I lose an item or become separated from my child? Please contact the Information Tent in the centre of the festival under the Black Bear Banner.

What do I do if I have an accident? The first aid point is near the exit point from the Traders’ Field where you cross to the Battlefield.

How can I contact one of the organisers during the festival? Please go to the Information Tent, or find a member of Security.

Are they any quiet spaces on site? Churches Together provide a quiet space, and there is always our story-teller’s garden.

Can I make a donation? The festival relies on the generosity of visitors to enable it to continue into the future. The event costs tens of thousands of pounds to put on, with security, first aid and other expenses to cover. There are bucket rattlers situated around the site who will be glad to accept your donation.

How do I find the festival site? The festival site and car parks are well sign posted. If you are using a Sat Nav, please use the postcode GL20 5SX to get you to the Leisure Centre which is adjacent to the festival site. For more information regarding visiting the festival, including public transport options, please click here.


Can I fight in the battle? No, only those members of signed up re-enactors’ households can join the battle.

How do I get involved in re-enactment? As you walk around the Living History camps, you will see many different groups re-enacting many different things. Please speak to the re-enactors who will be able to advise you how to get involved.

Can I apply for a stall? Please contact us here if you are interested in trading at the festival. Please note that most pitches are already allocated and you will be put on a waiting list. Pitch prices are available on request. Applications for this year close on April 22nd.

How do I become a volunteer for the festival? Please contact us here if you are interested in volunteering.


Where is the best place to watch the battle? Please watch the battle from the allocated viewing area only. For health and safety reasons no-one can watch the battle from the temporary scaffold bridge, nor from the Living History encampments around the arena, nor from the river bank at the back of the Battlefield. Even though the arrows are blunts they do sting!

Is there seating available? No seating is provided but you may bring your own, e.g., foldable camping chairs. The front section of the viewing area is for people to sit (either on chairs or on the floor), while the back area is for standing. This enables more people to watch.

Is the battle suitable for everyone? Please note, if you are bringing someone on the Autistic Spectrum, someone with noise sensitivity, or your dog, there will be loud bangs during the re-enactment each afternoon. The battle lasts roughly an hour (plus waiting time beforehand), so please bear this in mind if you have young children.

What time does the battle start? The battle starts at 4pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday, lasting roughly an hour. We recommend you get there early to be sure of a good view.


Is there car parking available? Yes, charged at £5 per car, per day (cash only). Please refer to the site map. All car parks are closed and locked at 6.30pm. A fee will be charged to release your vehicle. By that time town centre car parks are free, so please move your car promptly.

Is there disabled parking available? We have parking for disabled people with a blue badge, at £5 per car, per day (cash only). If you have short-term “disabled” problems, e.g., a broken leg, or are bringing someone very elderly with limited mobility, please contact the organisers before the event for a parking permit.

Is the festival site wheelchair friendly? The fields are fairly rough, but accessible to wheelchairs.

Are there toilets available on the festival site? Yes. Portaloos will be provided, including disabled. If you are bringing someone who needs additional facilities, please contact the organisers beforehand for more information.

Is there seating available around the site? There is limited seating on site. If you have elderly people with you we suggest bringing a shooting stick or chair.

Are there cash points on site? You can get cash back at the beer tent. There are cash points only a short walk away in the centre of Tewkesbury. Please make sure that you come with cash rather than cards; some traders have card machines but the service is intermittent in the middle of the field.

Are there facilities for breast-feeding mothers? There is a green and white re-enactor’s tent in the corner of the Battlefield, quite close to the Falconer display. You are welcome to use that for privacy for breast-feeding.

Are there charging points on site? Unfortunately there are no public facilities available to recharge items such as mobile phones or mobility scooters.


  • Please bring cash. Some of the traders have card machines, but service is intermittent.
  • We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and we encourage our visitors to recycle as much as possible. Feel free to bring your own reusuable cup or tankard (no glass please); our beer tent and caterers will be happy to serve you in it.
  • The festival is outdoors with limited shade and shelter. It can get very hot, so a hat and sunscreen is highly recommended. If it rains, please wear sensible footwear as it may become muddy.
  • We aim to make everybody welcome and provide what we can to make their visit enjoyable. If you require any additional information regarding the site and its facilities, please contact the organisers beforehand.