Top 10 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter in 2024 Reviews

As summer comes up, you will be spending more time in your garden and patio. Therefore, it is important to take care of the patio and garden furniture if it is to last you as many enjoyable summers as possible. Part of the efforts to take good care of outdoor furniture is to prevent damage from the elements

During extreme weather such as winter, you probably will not be using your outdoor or patio furniture. At such a time, it might be a great idea to protect such furniture from the elements. This can be done by covering the furniture with an outdoor waterproof cover and here we are all about helping you find the best ones by reviewing 10 of the best-rated options currently on the market.

List of Top 10 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter in 2024:

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

This is an ideal cover for your outdoor furniture during winter. It is a grill cover that is made from heavy-duty material, which is bound by high-density stitching and comes with padded handles for comfortable carrying. Apart from these traits that make it a great grill cover, the fabric is also a waterproof Gardelle, which ensures maximum protection from water and moisture

The high-density stitches offer the cover enhanced durability, while the handles allow you to carry it safely and comfortably. Also, with a collection of over 140 shapes for the Veranda series, you will be able to find the right cover that fits your needs. The cover also has an elastic hem cord that comes with toggles to allow for adjustments for a custom and tight fit.

Conclusion: This is a great cover for the winter despite the fact that it does not cover the entire grill with the bottom left exposed to the elements.


  • Custom-fit
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty fabric build


  • Lacks Velcro straps
  • Does not cover the entirety of the wheels

Classic Accessories Veranda Rectangular

If you are looking for a cover for your patio table, then this is the ideal cover for you. It has interior bound seams for enhanced strength, as well as high-density stitching, which assures you of durability. It also includes padded handles for comfort as well as a matching webbing that adds to the cover’s aesthetic. This cover will fit rectangular or oval tables up to 84×44 inches.

It also comes with a convenient elastic hem cord that has an adjustable toggle as well as buckled straps, which will make sure the cover will protect your patio table even with the wind blowing. The large padded handles also make the removal of the cover easier while the air vents reduce the amount of condensation inside the cover.

Conclusion: The fabric design comes with a water-resistant fabric top, a waterproof backing as well as a protective splash guard skirt, which combine to keep your patio table dry and secure.


  • Waterproof
  • Custom-fit
  • Durable
  • Padded handles
  • Easy removal


  • Fewer sizes
  • Takes up a lot of storage space

Classic Accessories Ravenna Oval

This durable and convenient cover will protect your patio table and chairs from the elements. It comes with a waterproof backing that makes sure that your table and chairs are always dry. Also, it has a structured vent lined with mesh barriers, which prevent wind-lofting as well as the developments of mildew.

It also includes some padded handles, which makes it easier to install or remove. Also, the double-stitched seams add to the cover’s strength and style while the elastic hem cord offers you a snug fit. The four-point straps also contribute to the snug fit as well as securing the cover from any extreme weather.

Conclusion: This is a stylish addition to your patio that will work to protect your table and chairs and allow you to enjoy them longer.


  • Great design
  • Durable and convenient.
  • Structured vent
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Weatherproof backing
  • Padded handles
  • Various sizes


  • Does not cover the legs entirely

AmazonBasics Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

If you are one to enjoy your coffee or meals outdoors or you love hosting parties for your friends. Then you can rest assured that your patio furniture will be protected by this patio cover. It has a woven polyester fabric that will protect your outdoor patio furniture from the elements. The cover also has some tough interlocking seams that enhance its strength and durability.

This cover also allows you to slip it on easily and also comes with loop handles that allow for easy adjustments and removal. Also, it has click-close straps, which can be used to secure the furniture and keep the cover in place.

Conclusion: This is a high-quality cover that is simple to use and maintain. It also offers you enhanced strength and durability that will allow you to protect your patio furniture for a long time.


  • Effective protection
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Custom-fitting design
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks UV protection

AmazonBasics Rectangular / Oval Table and Chair Set Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

This outdoor cover offers you a simple but stylish two-tone design. It is a great investment in terms of keeping your furniture covered up. It has a woven polyester fabric build, which gives it its water resistance and durability. Also, it comes in a darker color tone and has as a splash guard that will protect your furniture from water damage.

The cover also includes a seamless top that is double-stitched for additional strength. It also comes with air vents that enhance air circulation within the cover. Besides, it has two straps with buckles on both ends that loop through your furniture’s legs for added security.

Conclusion: This is a great cover for your patio furniture set, and thanks to its wide variety of sizes, it offers you more flexibility as you look for one. The cover is also easy to install, remove, and maintain.


  • Affordable
  • Variety of sizes
  • Covers the entire table and chair set
  • Durable and stylish


  • No UV protection

 Patio Watcher 88 inches Patio Furniture Cover

This rainproof outdoor furniture cover offers you a durable woven polyester build that also comes with a water-repellent coating as well as a water-resistant undercoating, which makes it an excellent waterproof option to secure your patio furniture. The heavy-duty material also has high-density stitching, which enhances the cover’s durability and strength.

It also includes 4 strap buckles that loop over your furniture’s legs to offer them protection against the wind. There are also air vents that help reduce condensation within the cover.

Conclusion: This easy-to-use outdoor furniture cover has a universal design that allows you to cover furniture with different styles. It also comes with padded handles for easy installation and removal.


  • Durable
  • Excellent protection
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Your furniture must be measured before a purchase

ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Heavy-Duty Table Cover

This outdoor heavy-duty table cover will fit on a rectangular or round table and a set of 4 to 6 chairs. It is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester canvas with an Eco-friendly vinyl backing. This material is not only UV-resistant, but it is also sturdy enough to protect your furniture from the elements.

It is also a waterproof and breathable furniture cover that will guarantee to complete waterproofing. With the structured air vents on the sides preventing wind lofting and the plastic clippers and heavy-duty elastic cord securing the legs of your furniture, you can be assured of the safety of your furniture.

Conclusion: With the complete coverage of the UV-resistant design, your furniture will avoid exposure to the sun, which will have your furniture always looking new.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Excellent air circulation
  • UV-resistant material
  • Completely breathable
  • Custom-fit design


  • Not entirely waterproof after a while

M&H Heavy Duty Waterproof Large Patio Set Cover

This XL heavy-duty patio set cover allows you to protect your whole patio set and still achieve a clean look. It is a taupe-colored 600D polyester material that has a waterproof backing that will protect your furniture from the elements. It also includes a stable fabric on its outer layer, which prevents fading over time, and this adds to its convenience.

This windproof cover also comes with a built-in elastic cord that can be secured to the bottom of your furniture for a snug fit, which will keep the cover in place even in windy conditions. It also has air vents that help dissipate condensation from within the cover, preventing mildew build-up.

Conclusion: This cover is easy to install, and it can also be removed easily with padded handles. It also comes with a storage bag that offers you a convenient way to store the cover when it is not being used.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Provides a snug fit
  • Effective at preventing mildew buildup
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Simple design


  • No drawbacks

CKClub Patio Furniture Set Covers Waterproof Outdoor Table Covers

This outdoor furniture cover offers you a universal design that will fit your entire patio furniture set. It has a heavy-duty polyester make that comes with a waterproof PVC coating that will protect your furniture from the elements. Also, it comes with a UV-resistant build that will protect your furniture from damage from sunlight.

This is the perfect way to keep your furniture clean and dry as it comes with a zipper that when closed, protects the furniture from the elements. The zipper also makes the cover easy to install and remove.

Conclusion: With a nice and thick fabric, this cover is a great way to protect your patio furniture set. It is also easy to install, remove, and maintain.


  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Universal design
  • Easy installation and removal


  • Relatively less durable

AKEfit Patio Cover

If you are looking for a patio set cover for your large outdoor furniture, then this is the ideal choice for you. This cover can be used on rattan furniture or even oval garden furniture. It uses a heavy-duty polyester fabric that is equipped with a waterproof PVC coating that will protect your furniture from the elements. The material is also durable and can be used for a long time.

This patio furniture cover comes with 4 tie-bag buckles as well as pull-down cords that allow you to adjust the elasticity of the hem, which helps you to secure the furniture and prevent the cover from being blown away in windy conditions.

Conclusion: This patio cover features a thoughtful and humanistic design, which will help you keep your patio furniture clean, dry, and secure in all weather conditions.


  • UV-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Snug-fitting design


  • Prone to tearing

Final Conclusion

With a good outdoor cover, you will never have to worry about protecting your outdoor furniture and other valuables from the elements. And contrary to what many people tend to assume these covers are all not made the same and hence you need to be very careful when choosing one. But, in this piece, we have done most of the work for you, and now you only need to choose one from the 10 fantastic quality options above.

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