Revolutionize Your Lighting Setup: A Review Of Strip Stage Lights

Are you looking for strip stage lights to light up your stage? If so, these strip stage lights will make your events stand out from the rest with their eye-catching visuals. 

When shopping for a strip stage light, it can be difficult to look for the right one. You want to make sure your lighting is perfect for the occasion, but you don’t have the time or energy to keep up with all the changes that need to be made. But there are so many different types and brands of motherboards out there, how do you know which one will work best?  

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of these strip stage lights to help you make a wise decision. Check out our selection of strip stage lights now and find the perfect fit for your next big event!

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Strip Stage Light Comparison 2024

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Strip Stage Light Reviews 2024

Best For Any Occasion – Kebert Wash Light Bar

Kebert Wash Light Bar is an incredibly versatile strip light that offers a dazzling array of colors, lighting modes, and options to choose from. You can customize your strip lights to fit any occasion or decor. The strip lights are waterproof, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Additionally, the strip light is easy to control with its unique app control feature and Bluetooth connection. You can easily set up and customize the strip lights using the Fi Light app on your phone. Plus, with the timing and memory functions, you can set a timer for when you want the strip lights to turn on and off, and they will remember your last settings when you turn them back on.

The remote control distance is long-range, so you can control all the strip lights independently or simultaneously depending on your preference. Overall, Kebert Wash Light Bar is an incredibly reliable strip light that is definitely worth checking out!


– Easy to use 

– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

– Timing and memory functions 

– Perfect for any occasion

– Simultaneous control of multiple lights  


– None

Best For Stage Show – Par Light RGB 36 LED Stage Lights Pack of 4

Par Light RGB 36 LED Stage Lights Pack of 4 is a great option for lighting up your stage. It comes with 5 control modes that include DMX512, Master-slave, Sound, Automatic, and Wireless Remote control. With these modes, you can easily adjust the speed to suit professional or amateur needs. This strip stage light also comes with 5 lighting effect modes that help to bring a unique visual experience to your show.

The high-quality materials used in this strip stage light make it not only durable but also energy efficient, so you can enjoy using it for longer durations without worrying about energy consumption. The included brackets and screws make it easy to mount on walls or ceilings depending upon the stage design. Overall, Par Light RGB 36 LED Stage Lights Pack of 4 is a great strip stage light that can be used for any entertainment or celebration event.


– Suitable for both professional and amateur

– Provide an amazing visual experience 

– Durable and energy efficient 

– Easily mountable 


– Can take some time to get familiar with the different control modes

Best For Spacious Area – NOVOSTELLA 60W LED Flood Light Outdoor

The NOVOSTELLA 60W LED Flood Light Outdoor is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to add some extra light and ambiance to any outdoor space. With a powerful output, this floodlight is sure to strip the night sky with stage lights that will impress everyone. The floodlight also offers a range of modes and handy features namely weather-resistant housing.

With the second-generation antenna and various colors available for customization, this floodlight is sure to be a hit at any outdoor gathering or event. Its ease of use, powerful output, and enhanced features make this floodlight a great choice for anyone looking to bring some extra light and ambiance to their backyard.


– Powerful output of up to 60 watts 

– Multiple control modes

– Adjustable brightness and color

– A wide range of colors available for customization 

– Weather-resistant finishing


– None!

Best For Any Space – Color Changing LED Strip Light With Remote Control 

Color Changing LED Strip Light With Remote Control is an innovative and efficient way to bring a dynamic atmosphere to any space. This light comes equipped with a remote controller, allowing users to control the color away from the receiver without having to aim directly at it. It also has a timer and memory function so users can set the working time to 2, 4, or 6 hours and have it remain at its last setting when turned back on.

Installation is fast and easy and makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, this Color Changing LED Strip Light With Remote Control is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere to their home or business. 


– Full control over strip light color, mode, speed, and brightness

– Simple setup and operation

– Fast installation 

– Suitable to use in any weather condition


– May require more than one strip to cover larger areas or longer distances 

– May require a stronger power source for maximum brightness

Best For Installation – 108W RGB Color Changing LED Flood Lights Fixture With RF Remote Controller

The 108W RGB Color Changing LED Flood Lights Fixture With RF Remote Controller is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. This strip light allows you to create amazing lighting effects with every lighting configuration. It also has a remote controller, giving you the ability to control the strip light up to 65 feet away. This strip light is also waterproof, meaning it can be used both indoors and outdoors with no worries. The strip lights are easy to install and the aluminum case ensures durability and longevity. All in all, this strip light is a great choice for anyone looking for an attractive lighting option that is simple to use and install. 


– Able to create amazing lighting effects 

– Can be used in a long-range 

– Can be used both indoors and outdoors 

– Easy to install


– None!

U`King Moving Head Gobos Stage Lights 26W RGBW Spot LED DJ Light

U`King Moving Head Gobos Stage Lights 26W RGBW Spot LED DJ Light is an ideal choice for DJs and stage lighting professionals. This strip stage light offers multiple control modes to meet the needs of different performance requirements and has a wide variety of features that make it perfect for any setting, from small venues to large-scale shows.

The color wheel and GOBO wheel offer unique color mixing modes as well as shaking effects. Furthermore, the speed of the DJ light moving head can be controlled. All these features make this light one of the best in its class. It is perfect for both temporary live events and fixed installations. Overall, the U`King Moving Head Gobos Stage Lights 26W RGBW Spot LED DJ Light is an impressive strip stage light that offers great features for any show or event. 


– Able to produce vibrant, saturated colors 

– Perfect for live events 

– Provide enough variety to keep a crowd engaged 

– Smooth movement 


– Remote control not included (must be purchased separately) 

– Requires a dedicated DMX controller to access all its effects (not included)

7R Stage Lights DJ Light 17 Gobos and 14 Colors

The 7R Stage Lights DJ Light 17 Gobos and 14 Colors is an incredibly powerful strip stage light that is perfect for DJs, KTVs, dance halls, discos, karaoke bars, and so on. It can be rotated in positive and negative directions. I Additionally, it is made of lightweight and wear-resistant aluminum with a built-in fan to accelerate heat dissipation, maintaining a constant temperature and prolonging service life. It also has dual mounting brackets that can be used for either wall mounts or hanging from trusses.


– Able to be rotated in positive and negative directions

– Made of lightweight and durable material 

– Dissipation & maintain a constant temperature for longer service life 

– Dual mounting brackets for wall or truss mounts 


– Remote control not included (must be purchased separately) 

– Not suitable for very small venues due to its compact footprint 

LUNSY RGB Stage Lighting 2Pack, 36LED Dj Par Lights

This strip stage light by LUNSY is a great addition to any event or party! With high-quality light beads, this strip stage light is sure to bring lots of attention and energy. It offers 7 lighting effects for you to choose from including DMX modes such as static color Mode, fade mode, and more. You can also adjust the speed of color changes, you can easily create the perfect ambiance. The strip stage light also comes with two handle brackets that are easy to set up so you can hang it on a truss or fix it on a wall or put it on the ground/table for maximum versatility. This strip stage light is sure to create the perfect atmosphere for any event! 


– Able to create a fun atmosphere 

– Match any occasions

– Various lighting effects

– Easy to mount on the wall, the ground, or a table


– None!

BeamZ LCB803 LED Light Bar Wall Washer Venue Uplighter 

The BeamZ LCB803 is a highly versatile and powerful LED light bar that produces ample illumination for many applications. It also has an easy-to-use remote control for sound and auto-activation. Its slim shape makes it ideal for strip lighting applications such as stage wash lighting in a nightclub or music venue. You can adjust the output to fit your desired atmosphere. Even if you have no prior experience, the product is easy to use for uplighting in events rooms or marquees.

The BeamZ LCB803 LED Light Bar Wall Washer Venue Uplighter is perfect for strip stage lighting and venue uplighting with its powerful, bright illumination. It’s backed by a two-year warranty, adding to the peace of mind when investing in this product.


– Powerful and bright illumination

– Offer sections for customisation 

– Easy to use remote control 

– Two-year warranty included 


– No DMX experience may limit possible display options

Kebert 36 Led Par Lights, DJ Stage Lights with Remote Control 

Kebert Par Lights, 36 Led DJ Stage Lights With Remote Control is a great option for anyone who needs strip stage lighting. They are made with super bright and durable LEDs and come with a remote control and a cable connection for easy operation. The strip lights can be used in a variety of settings, from weddings and churches to mobile DJ gigs, Xmas parties, bars, clubs, and so on. They are also great for home decor or musical live shows.

The strip lights offer strong brackets and support making them easy to hang or place on the ground and the remote control and instruction manual make them a breeze to use. Overall, Kebert Par Lights are an excellent strip stage light option and offer great value for money. 


– Provide bright strip lighting

– Create stunning lighting displays

– Easy to install 

– Convenient operation

– Able to use for multi-purpose.


– Requires additional hardware (DMX cables, controller) for full functionality 

– Needs to be placed in an area with ample space to ensure maximum visibility of the lights 

BETOPPER Disco Lights DJ Lights Stage Lights Mini Spider Moving Heads

LED Stage Lighting, 8x10W LEDs Spider Moving Head Light RGBW is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their lighting to the next level. This top-of-the-line strip stage light offers a dynamic and vibrant range of colors. There are four different modes to choose from so you can customize your lighting experience whether you’re new or a professional. Moreover, the strip stage light comes with an original bracket and user manual for easy installation on any floor you want.  


– Vibrant range of colors

– Various different modes 

– Simple installation 

– Perfect for enhancing the atmosphere


– None

Baisun Black Light 36 UV LED Stage Lights

The Baisun Black Light 36 UV LED Stage Lights are the perfect way to add some extra flair to any event. The ultra-portable design features two dual handle brackets for easy adjustment, making it suitable for many environmental conditions. The light creates a unique and stunning atmosphere that makes white and visible fluorescent materials glow in the dark, creating a truly mesmerizing effect. This high-quality light is an amazing addition to any event! 


– Portable design 

– Creates a special lighting effect

– Suitable for different environmental conditions 

– Certified for safety


– Requires some setup time and effort 

– May require a few extra accessories to use optimally  ​

– Can be difficult to adjust for certain lighting effects

LeLeght 50W LED Moving Head Stage Effect Lighting With Light Strip

LeLeght 50W LED Moving Head Stage Effect Lighting With Light Strip is an ideal choice for creating a spectacular lighting effect at your events. Its strip of vibrant LEDs will add an extra layer of color and fun to the atmosphere while its powerful lamp beads ensure that the light output is bright enough to capture attention. The control allows for the lighting to be adjusted in four modes.

The ultra-wide range of light coverage is suitable for a variety of venues including discos, churches, and dance floors. The ABS shell and aluminum alloy base provides durability and the built-in cooling fan ensures that it can perform without disruption for long periods of time. All in all, this is a great choice for anyone looking to create a professional lighting effect at their events. 


– Vibrant strip of LEDs 

– Bright light output

– Made of high-quality material 

– Long uninterrupted performance 


– Setup may require some technical knowledge

BETOPPER Strobe Light Stage Lights

The BETOPPER Strobe Light Stage Lights offer unparalleled brightness and an impressive range of color combinations that can be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for any event. It offers a stunning array of color-mixing effects and provides multiple control options. The aluminum housing ensures a solid and durable light unit, while the top-quality material finish provides excellent craftsmanship and a lifespan of up to 5000 hours.  


– Super bright and adjustable brightness

– Multiple control options 

– Durable finishing 

– Long lifespan 


– No strip stage light option available

DELIBANG LED Par Can Light Stage Lighting

DELIBANG LED Par Can Light Stage Lighting is the perfect way to get your venue, dance floor, or stage looking its best. This light strip is designed for maximum efficiency. You can also choose from four different control modes. This strip light is easy to install with two adjustable brackets and screws for a truss, wall, or floor setup.

Its small size makes it portable yet powerful. The remote control allows you to easily adjust the lights and modes with ease. This strip light is perfect for a variety of occasions since it creates an exciting atmosphere that everyone will love. DELIBANG LED Par Can Light Stage Lighting offers exceptional performance and value for your money.


– High-power LED strip lights 

– Light-blocking function 

– Easy to install

– Portable yet powerful design

– Lighting effect and working mode are easily adjusted


– None

Strip Stage Light Benefits

Strip Stage

Strip stage lights are an ideal way to create a stunning visual display, a bold and dramatic effect in any venue. With their sleek design and adjustable speed, strip stages can be used to add excitement to performances, special events, or even just everyday life. The strip stage light is versatile enough for use in a range of settings from a small space to an entire arena, from nightclubs and theaters to outdoor festivals and concerts. Furthermore, strip stages offer many advantages over traditional lighting setups including the ability to easily customize colors and effects as well as providing higher output per watt than other types of lights. Additionally, strip stages are highly durable with built-in fans that help keep them cool during extended periods of use. All these features make strip lighting an excellent choice for all types of venues that require impressive visual effects without breaking the bank.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Strip Stage Light 

Strip Stage

When it comes to creating an exciting atmosphere for a venue or event, strip stage lighting is an incredibly effective tool. Strip stage lights are versatile and durable, making them ideal for any type of performance space. However, there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing strip stage lighting in order to ensure the best results.

In this article, we’ll explore five important elements that should be taken into account when selecting strip stage lights: power source and brightness; color temperature; control options and versatility; durability and weatherproofing; and cost. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable atmosphere that will delight your audience! 

Power Source & Brightness    

The main factor when choosing strip lights is a power source and brightness – how much power does each strip light require? Does it come with its own power sources such as batteries or plug-ins? How bright will they be when lit up? It’s also important to consider if you need dimming features built into them as this will affect their overall brightness output too.    

Color Temperature & CRI  

Strip Stage

Another key factor is color temperature and CRI (color rendering index). The higher the color temperature (measured in Kelvin) the more “cool” or “warm” the strip lights will be. This can affect the overall atmosphere of your venue and it’s something to consider when choosing strip stage lights. The CRI rating is also important as it tells you how accurately colors are being represented in the strip light – a poor CRI rating could result in dull, washed-out colors. 

Control Options & Versatility

It’s also important to consider the strip light’s control options and versatility when it comes to where you can install them. Most strip lights come with a remote control or even an app that allows you to adjust the strip light’s settings and functions. Additionally, strip lights can often be easily mounted in a variety of places – from walls to ceilings or even in trusses – giving you the ability to create unique lighting designs with ease.   

Durability & Weatherproofing

Strip Stage

Durability and weatherproofing should also be taken into consideration when buying strip lights. Most strip lights are made from durable materials such as aluminum or plastic, but it’s still important to check that they can withstand the elements. There are strip lights available with built-in waterproofing which ensures your strip light will not be damaged if exposed to moisture, rain, or other wet conditions.   


Finally, strip lights vary greatly in price depending on the features, power source and brightness output. Strip light prices can vary significantly, from budget-friendly models to higher-end strip lights – so it’s important to find the strip light that fits your needs and budget. It is also very crucial to consider your budget when choosing strip lights – you don’t want to overspend or buy something that won’t fulfill your needs. Make sure to compare prices across different brands and models to find the strip lights that offer the best value for money.

By taking all of these factors into consideration when choosing strip stage lights, you can ensure you get the best bang for your buck. With the right strip stage lighting, you can create a truly unique atmosphere that your audience will be sure to enjoy! Hope you find this post helpful in making the right strip stage lighting choice for your venue or event. Good luck!  

Tips On How To Make Sure That You Are Purchasing The Right Strip Stage Light

Strip Stage

Apart from getting to know the above factors, you should also take time to read tips to make sure that you are purchasing the right commodity. Not only does it affect your performance, but it can also determine how well the experience you and your audience will have. There are a few tips you should keep in mind when shopping around to help you make an informed decision when purchasing strip stage lights, and play a crucial role in making you a rational buyer. 

Don’t Rush When Choosing Your Motherboard: 

One of the most vital things you should never forget is don’t rush into making a purchase. It’s important to take your time and consider all the factors involved in order for you to get the best strip lights for your venue or event. From power source and brightness output to color temperature and weatherproofing, there are many different elements that should be taken into account when choosing strip stage lights. Additionally, you want to make sure that they can withstand any potential outdoor conditions if necessary. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help you find strip lights that offer the best value for money – so don’t rush your decision!

Consider the size of the performance space 

Strip Stage

Secondly, you should consider the size and shape of your performance space. Depending on the area that needs to be illuminated, you’ll need to choose strip lights with enough power output to meet your needs. The angle of the light source should also be taken into account, as this will determine how evenly the strip lights can cover the space. Additionally, strip lights come in a range of sizes – so you’ll want to ensure that your strip stage lighting is not too bulky for the area you’re working with. Taking these factors into consideration before making a purchase can ensure that your strip stage lighting provides the best possible results. 

Choose strip lights with adjustable settings 

It is beneficial to select strip lights that come with adjustable settings. This allows you to customize your strip light for different situations or applications. Adjustable settings such as brightness levels, color temperature and dimming capabilities can help ensure that you get the best performance possible from your strip lights. Additionally, having adjustable settings allows you to quickly and easily adjust your strip lighting setup if necessary – so don’t forget to look for strip lights with this feature! 

Consider strip light accessories 

Strip Stage

Another important factor to consider when selecting strip stage lighting is the strip light accessories available. Many strip lights come with additional components such as mounting hardware, power cables and dimmers that can enhance your strip lighting setup. If you’re looking for a more permanent strip stage lighting solution, then accessories such as mounting hardware could be the perfect option for you. So don’t forget to factor in strip light accessories when selecting strip stage lighting for your venue or event. 

Look for strip lights with an IP rating 

Finally, if you’re looking to use strip stage lighting outdoors, then it is important to look for strip lights that come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The IP rating tells you how waterproof and dustproof the strip lights are – so you want to make sure that you choose strip lights with a higher IP rating if they’re going to be exposed to outdoor conditions. This will ensure that your strip stage lighting is protected from the elements and can continue performing at its best. 

FAQs about Strip Stage Light 

Strip Stage

Is strip stage light durable?  

LED strip Lights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and can remain operational for up to 50,000 hours. They also come with waterproof designs for extra protection against moisture or dust damage. 

Are strip stage lights energy efficient?

Strip stage lights are energy efficient due to their low wattage rating which helps reduce overall power consumption. 

How do I install strip stage lights?  

Installing strip stage lights requires you to connect the power source along with connecting the controller/receiver unit depending on how they were set up by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, it’s quite an easy process that can be done without hiring an electrician or technician if desired.

Is there any warranty available on strip stages? 

Most manufacturers offer a two-year warranty when you purchase your strip stages from them. 

Does strip staging require special wiring considerations?   

It depends on your specific setup; some manufacturers may include instructions regarding specific wiring needs while others might not require anything special beyond standard electrical connections like those used with traditional lighting. It’s best to check the instructions provided by your strip stage light manufacturer.


If you are looking for a powerful strip stage light that fulfills your requirements while also providing an immersive experience and being able to handle super-demanding tasks then we highly recommend the Kebert Wash Light Bar. Eye-catching design, durability, and versatility – all of which make this product an excellent choice when it comes to strip stage lights. There’s no reason not to invest in one today! So what are you waiting for? Order one right now and enjoy the amazing experience!

Thank you so much for reading! We hope this guide helped you choose the right product and learn more about strip stage lights as well as their magnificent benefits. Do not forget to contact us immediately if you have any further questions.

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