Top 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers

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To help you navigate the hundreds of choices, we made our list of the best Bluetooth speakers available today. We’ll be updating it throughout the year, so you’ll get the most up-to-date analysis. Many of the speakers reviewed are either connected via the mobile app through Bluetooth or WiFi. 

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best bluetooth speakers

Top 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Sonos Portable Speaker

Sonos PLAY:1 WIFI Wireless Speaker Black
  • Small yet powerful speaker for streaming music and more. Get rich, room-filling sound with Play:1, and control it with the Sonos app.
  • The compact design fits just about any space. Put it on your kitchen countertop, or tuck it away on your office bookshelf.

Sonos Play:1 is an amazing compact wireless speaker w/ fantastic sound quality!

While it’s much more expensive than you think – it does have a wealth of amazing features.

Small enough to fit on bookshelves or an outside table – wherever you are, you can listen to your music through a quality speaker + play it loud enough to be heard. 

Another super feature of this speaker is that it is connectable to Amazon Alexa, so if you are an Alexa home, you can hook up these speakers and enjoy the ease of being able to tell the speakers exactly what music you want.

You will be able to play different songs in different rooms at the same or play one song in sync throughout the whole house. Imagine the parties with this speaker, the same music echoing through every room! 

Wireless connectivity means you can stream all your favorite music services quickly and easily. These would be great stereo pair of speakers or as the rear speakers in a home cinema system.

Technical-wise, Sonos Play:1 has 2 Class D amplifiers and custom-built drivers, which are all attuned to the distinct acoustics of the speaker. True-speaker Fine Tuning intelligently adjusts the sound of the music for the room in which it is being played.

You can even enjoy your tunes in the shower, as this speaker is humidity resistant! There is a free app that goes with the speakers to help you fully control your music experience. Importantly, these connect via WiFi, not Bluetooth, so you are less likely to experience music drops or delays.

  • Pros:  amazing features, easy setup, quality sound w/ strong sound level
  • Cons: it could be expensive to kit out a whole house, and the app can be “buggy.”

ELEGIANT, Inside/Outside Portable Speakers

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker for Outdoor Travel—Black
  • STATE-OF-ART DESIGN: SoundLink Flex outdoor speaker is packed with exclusive technologies and a custom-engineered transducer for deep, clear, and immersive audio at home or on the go
  • CLEAREST POSSIBLE SOUND: Proprietary Position Qtechnology automatically detects the position of your portable Bluetooth speaker for optimal sound quality in any orientation or environment

This compact Bluetooth speaker is an elegantly designed portable speaker.

You can use it anywhere. Whether at home, on the beach, or on a hike, this speaker can travel. With its compact size, it can fit into a backpack. So you can enjoy great-sounding music on the go.

Imagine your pool party or BBQ with this speaker – it just looks right, doesn’t it?

High-definition quality + volume: using high-performance drivers and a passive subwoofer, your music will come out clear. Online reviews note the strong bass that can be heard outside or in a party atmosphere. 

It also has an IPX4 water resistance rating, which makes it splashproof, giving you the confidence to use it around the pool or in the bathroom.

You can use the Bluetooth speakers as a speakerphone to free up your hands, and it even has a built-in microphone, and the rechargeable battery gives up to 8 hours of playtime. Connect it to non-Bluetooth devices through the AUX port and include a 3.5m aux cable, so your older devices don’t have to miss out!

  • Pros:  great sound quality, good construction
  • Cons:  water resistant doesn’t mean you can take it to the pool 

B&O PLAY, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone - Natural
  • Weighing only 600 g, the ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy music and make calls on the go.
  • Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound delivers more sound, more bass and reaches a peak power of 2x140W

A unique, stylish look and excellent online reviews made the B&O PLAY Speaker one of our favorite picks on the list!

Apart from its subtle charm, this palm-size speaker delivers ambient 360° sound and comes with a powerful microphone for taking calls – surprisingly powerful for a 1.3 lbs speaker. (Obviously very portable!) 

One of the best parts is that it charges pretty quickly and when fully charged, can play for 24 hours.

** As a warning, this one is super expensive compared to most others on our best Bluetooth speakers list

  • Pros:  includes a microphone for two-way calls + incredible sound performance
  • Cons:  holy cow, it’s expensive!

Amazon Echo, Alexa Speaker

It’s no wonder why Amazon Alexa is included in our best Bluetooth speakers list.

Quintessential portable speaker – Amazon has really cornered the market with its range of speakers.

You can play all of your music, from your apps, just by using your voice. What’s more, Echo also functions as a hands-free device. Again, through voice commands, you can connect with any Echo device in the house. 

With Echo, your room will be filled with 360° omnidirectional music – and of course, you can play music simultaneously across all your Echo devices in distinct rooms.

When it comes to wireless sound, the Echo is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available. 

Unsurprisingly, connects to Amazon Alexa, so it can answer questions, read the news, and control Amazon Fire TV – anything Alexa can do! And it will control many of your other smart home devices, from your NEST thermostat to lights, fans, and garage doors.

It’s like having a Star Trek computer in your home, and we want one.

7 microphones ensure Echo can always pick up your voice, and the more you use it, the more it adapts to your voice and recognizes your speech patterns. Additionally, you have the app to help you connect everything you need.

Once you try Amazon’s Bluetooth Echo, you’ll see what the hype is all about.

  • Pros:  excellent connectivity, great for people who aren’t so tech-savvy
  • Cons:  somewhat portable: has to remain plugged in, could use an equalizer for improved sound.

DOSS, Home Portable Speakers

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker,Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Speakers with 12W HD Sound and Bold Bass, Handsfree, 12H playtime for Phone, Tablet, TV, Gift ideas[blue]
  • Sensitive touch control: The DOSS Touch portable speaker makes it easy to control the mood and energy of any party by giving you fingertip control of the tracks you're playing, their volume and more
  • Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Enjoy a high definition stereo sound with an impressive volume whether you're lounging around the house, or partying, walking out, camping, hiking, biking.

Back to portable speakers now with this DOSS Sound-Box Bluetooth speaker. 

The high-definition stereo speaker gives you impressive volume wherever you are, using 12-watt full stereo sound through dual high-performance drivers and a specially enhanced bass.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology provides a great connection, and it automatically connects to the last device that used it. There is an impressive playback time with this device: up to 12 hours (at 75% volume) using the rechargeable Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery – and a super quick charge via micro USB of 3-4 hours.

Consequently, this speaker is great for traveling or for day trips, and it even comes with its own drawstring travel bag! Additionally, this speaker uses capacitive touch control: you have fingertip control of the tracks, the volume, and more. The attractive design of this speaker, plus all the mentioned features, makes it a brilliant portable speaker option.

  • Pros:  excellent touch controls, great price, balanced sound quality
  • Cons:  can get confused when paired with multiple devices, some distortion at the highest volume

COWIN, Bluetooth Portable Speakers

LG XG9QBK XBOOM Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Powerful Balanced Audio - Amp Up the Party, Anywhere Get ready to bring on the beats with powerful, clear sound no matter where you're listening. The powerful dual 4.5" woofers provide impressive bass thanks to a lightweight, strong carbon material. And you'll always have crystal-clear sound from a speaker that was specifically engineered to turn up the party.
  • 24-Hour Playback - Round-the-Clock Party Dance all day and night with up to 24 hours of battery life* for premium sound that’s sure to keep the party bumping.

If you’re looking for a speaker to pair with Amazon Alexa, but don’t have the budget for Echo or similar systems, then the COWIN DiDa may be the speaker for you!

Speakers are Amazon certified as compatible with Alexa, so you’re getting all those great features of being able to communicate via Alexa.

** Many of the best Bluetooth speakers aren’t compatible w/ Alexa, but not an issue with the Cowins

Unlike Echo, you will have to press the microphone to engage voice commands. So, it’s not as simple as saying her name. For the price reduction, this may be an acceptable compromise! 

Sound-wise, there are dual 7.5W acoustic drivers, and a frequency response of 50Hz -.20 Hz, so you’ll experience loud, crystal clear audio that fills the room with streaming music services or music from your Bluetooth-paired device. 

As these speakers are portable, they have a rechargeable battery with up to 9 hours of continuous playback, making them perfect for travel or parties. It has a connected COWIN app, so you can take control: connect it to your WiFi and enjoy music throughout the home.

  • Pros:  impressive sound quality, Alexa connectivity at a more budget price
  • Cons:  cannot run Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously, potential WiFi security risk

COMISO, Bluetooth Portable Speakers

These bamboo smart home speakers are designed to impress!

The wood aesthetic is scratch and damage resistant and is a personalized modern look. With dual high-performance drivers and passive bass, you get 360° to surround sound. 

With less than 1% harmonic distortion, the sound quality isn’t sacrificed in the process.

The touch sensor panel uses capacitive touch technology. This provides easy control of your tunes with a touch of your finger. However, this feature is only supported in Bluetooth mode, not when using AUX mode.

Speaking of Bluetooth, this connects via 4.1 Bluetooth technology, allowing you a wireless connection of up to 10 meters indoors, and as mentioned, it has a 3.5mm AUX jack for non-Bluetooth devices. (def one of the best Bluetooth speakers with really strong volume capabilities)

The rechargeable battery allows up to 400 mid-volume songs with a single charge, so you can enjoy high-quality sound anywhere. These are good speakers at a budget price!

  • Pros:  great volume for a small speaker, aesthetically pleasing
  • Cons:  bass is rather poor, touch controls can be unresponsive

Samsung Level Bluetooth Speakers

Samsung Level Box Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Boombox Black Retail
  • Streams audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth device
  • Easy NFC pairing

The Samsung LEVEL Box mini is perfectly optimized for smart devices, giving you high-quality stereo sound as well as strong bass — perfect for music and movies!

This speaker has an attractive metallic design, and you can even choose from a range of colors. The 3-colored LED button on the top of the speaker controls the power and also lets you know the state of the battery charge.

Compact and slim, this speaker gives you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy music anywhere, at any time. The rechargeable battery gives up to 25 hours of nonstop playback or 1000 hours on standby. (I was shocked by LEVEL’s battery life!)

For that alone, I think it’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers when it comes to sound. 

Thankfully, it connects easily through NFC Tag or Bluetooth. The S-Voice function lets you know about your timetable, messages, and alarms. Also, there is a built-in speakerphone function. Not to mention, the control buttons are easy and intuitive. All of this makes for an attractive and modern speaker. So, we definitely want one for our outdoor summer parties next year!

  • Pros:  stylish, great charge
  • Cons:  not as loud as loud

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